- Naturally efficient buildings -


An environmentally high-performance dome

With NaturaDome, the eco-construction company NaturaDream deploys all of its know-how to present its vision of the housing of the future: energy-efficient homes, fully integrated into their environment, simple and rapid construction using locally-sourced materials, allowing the utmost degree of interior personalization.

Are you ready to step into the next generation home?

The advantages of NaturaDome

A "turnkey" house for your budget:
With NaturaDome, there is no need to break the bank to become the owner of a truly exceptional home! For less than the price of a conventional construction, you will acquire a green, energy-efficient, high performance home, which is comfortable and fully customizable.

Extremely high energy efficiency:
NaturaDome is a bioclimatic house, which is naturally heated in winter by its large windows and cooled in summer by its location under a 100% plant canopy. Specifically, NaturaDream buildings are, in terms of thermal insulation, more efficient than required by the latest regulations.

As the result, the heating and air conditioning consumption is next to nothing. Savings all year round!

An environmentally-friendly concept:
NaturaDream makes the green building a dream accessible to all. For NaturaDome, we have implemented a unique construction method that combines aesthetics, environmental awareness and cost reduction by simplifying the construction.

NaturaDream is strongly attached to its local roots, and is consistent with its three-fold commitment: to the planet, to quality and to the very best prices. With maximum use of recycled resources and materials on site, NaturaDome buildings have an excellent carbon footprint and especially their ongoing permanent energy savings! The reinforced concrete dome is cast on a metal framework recycled from the aerospace industry. Recycled wood chips are used for insulation: Circular Economy all around!

A landscaped environment:
Inspired by natural organic architecture, NaturaDome is a building that blends perfectly with its environment, and we go even further: the soil used to landscape the home gives you freedom to create additional spaces on and around the building.

Imagine your ideal garden, your own little paradise. We sculpt your land by highlighting engaging perspectives and blocking, if required, unsightly views. Here is your cocoon of soft and welcoming curves, tailor-made just for you!

An exceptional level of comfort:
Those soothing curves are also to be found inside. The dome built by NaturaDream creates spacious living areas with high ceilings heated almost exclusively by the sun. You can also create a mezzanine or add an additional floor. The large windows positioned on either side of the building increase the natural light in your home.

In terms of acoustic insulation, NaturaDome offers excellence in soundproofing. Its thick layer of insulation and its green roof protect you from noise. In addition, Naturadome provides superior resistance to earthquakes and hurricanes.

The layout, interior fitting, facades and ceilings are 100% customizable and you will select your finish from an almost unlimited choice of materials and colors. Your interior is made to your desire: traditional, loft-style, contemporary, sleek or colorful and warm. It is up to you.

We also offer, based on the same "cosy hearth" principle, a carport, a pantry, a den or a wine cellar. As for the roof, which is after all part of your land, you can decide to use it as a vegetable garden, an extension of your lawn or even as games area.


NaturaDome constructions are extremely flexible and multifunctional:

public buildings
(shops libraries, restaurants…)
industrial buildings
(esp. those requiring optimal insulation)

The architectural specifics of our buildings offer the immediate advantage of preserving all of the "natural surface area" of a land. This enables you to consider numerous applications for NaturaDome, especially in environmentally sensitive areas such as nature reserves, parks or coastlines.