- A modular construction -


A modular construction :

Naturadome constructions are extremely modular and can be customized according to your desires and the functions to be provided. Imagine your project freely, Naturadome will make it happen!


Our bioclimatic houses are available in three ranges depending on the level of equipment and general performance: From the initial range fully compliant with building regulations, through the superior all options, to the prestige range "no limit", whatever your budget, NATURADOME will adapt to your specifications to make the dream come true!

SITE INSTALLATION (steps prior to the work, general logistics for the mobilization of teams and specific materials on the construction site) Variable cost in addition depending on geographical location and technical constraints inherent to the project. Please contact us for an estimate.
Preliminary Draft Summary x x x
Project with Plans and Descriptive Work Instructions x x x
Building Permit File x x x
RT 2012: Thermal study and Attestation B.Bio x x x
Final Plans for Works, including Electrical Plan x x x
Preparatory work - Earthworks x x x
Site access x x x
Foundations x x x
Perimeter drain x x x
For the 2 facades: Cellular Concrete Walls or Wooden Structure, customizable facades x x x
Galvanized steel vault including the 2 external canopies above the facades x x x
Structural concrete x x x
Insulation by wood chips, 60 cm thick, from a recycling process - Circular economy (recycling) x x x
Geotextile x x x
Waterproofing geomembrane x x x
Reshaping of the land including adjustment of the soil on the cover with rock at the bottom of the slope, excluding the removal of the topsoil, natural grassing x x x
Protective fence type trellis to be vegetated for the top of the dome, height = 1 m x x x
Exterior coatings on the 2 façades x x x
Coated acroterion, straight linea x x x
Reinforced concrete slab on hedgehog, compacted backfill; Concrete helicopter finish, waxed concrete appearance x x x
Insulation under slab thickness 20 cm x x x
Interior insulation of the 2 rock wool facade walls of 20 cm x x x
Distribution walls made of BA13 x x x
General electricity according to current standards x x x
High-performance, self-adjusting dual-flow VMC x x x
General plumbing, including PVC venting under the house's right-of-way x x x
Thermodynamic, high performance water heater RT 2012 x x x
Sanitary, including: 1 single washbasin unit, 1 Italian shower, 1 WC x x x
Fitted kitchen including a sink + cabinet 120 + an electric hob, an extractor hood x x x
Electronically programmable pellet stove x x x
Exterior joineries double glazing in Aluminium Uw≤1,40 conform RT 2012 x x x
Aluminium Electric Roller Shutters x x x
Insulated double-skinned sectional garage door (optional motorization) x x x
Interior door "Moderna" range x x x
Isothermal door between Garage and Cellar x x x
Porte isothermique entre Garage et Cellier x x x
Aluminium handles x x x
Interior finishing coating, painting work, based on sample house   x x
Earthenware all height on 2.40mH with natural stone frieze in the wet rooms on the base of the model house   x x
Baseboards matching waxed concrete   x x
Interior BA13 veneer of the steel structure at 40% of the floor area   x x
Floating floor on mezzanine (if applicable)   x x
Floating floor on mezzanine (if applicable)   x x
Eclairage encastré en sol   x x
Wash-hand basin   x x
Hanging toilet   x x
Networks and sewerage system on the right-of-way of the parcel   x x
Dealer connection fee from property line   x x
Definitive access in colored gravel   x x
NaturaROC outdoor flooring for terraces 80m²   x x
Grassing on the whole plot (2000m²)   x x
Miscellaneous plantings, landscaping garden (600 grasses)   x x
Landscaping and Remodelling of the land on the whole plot   x x
Wooden siding facade   x x
Home automation     x
Salle de bain avec bassin balnéo TADELACK encastré dans le sol     x
Bathroom with TADELACK whirlpool basin embedded in the floor     x
Furniture and bathroom fixtures in waxed concrete     x
Hammam or indoor pool NATURASWIM under vault of second generation     x
Rooms suspended from the vault     x
Indoor patio     x
Rooftop Jacuzzi with waterfall in interior patio     x
Winter garden with indoor waterfall     x
Rooftop slide that flows into the pool (indoor or outdoor)     x
Garage, cellars, gym, additional vaulted rooms of second generation.     x
Pyrograved concrete     x
Interior decoration with large size images stamped in pâte de verre     x
Luminescent concrete     x
CORIAN partitions and decoration     x
Indirect lighting on partitions     x
Molded ceilings     x
All your craziest desires in the framework of a mastered technique     x

A few examples of layouts, adaptable to each of the ranges :

>Public buildings (ERP type), tourist and high performance professional buildings

Naturadream is a designer and builder of high-performance green buildings and our know-how allows us to meet a wide range of construction needs: tourist housing, daycare centers, schools, administrative buildings, offices, wineries, etc...

We have extensive experience in both private and public markets and, in the context of design-build tenders or sales in the future state of completion, we provide you with a turnkey solution, fully adapted to your needs and operating objectives.

> Éco-quartiers

An EcoQuartier is an urban development project that respects the principles of sustainable development while integrating into the environment and promoting the comfort of its inhabitants. Naturadome largely meets this ambition by proposing sites where environmental protection and quality of life become the priority. We study all proposals to carry out real estate operations on a neighborhood scale that are sustainable, functional and respectful of the landscape.