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NaturaRoc, Natural decorative Flooring

A natural bond based coating

NaturaRoc is a unique mixture of colorless resin based on latex and mineral granules produced by NaturaDream. Suitable for all types of outdoor flooring, the coating has outstanding characteristics in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, and exceptional mechanical properties. Because it retains the mineral aspect of aggregates and the sand color you choose, it offers an endless choice of colors. Unleash your imagination!

The advantages

of NaturaRoc

  • Unmatched physical properties:

The natural latex binder used in NaturaRoc coatings combines the mechanical performance of a hydraulic binder and the elastic properties of an asphalt concrete.

NaturaRoc is a coating that generates very little waste: with the powerful binder, the particles form an inseparable unit that resists the weight of passing loads. NaturaRoc is also more flexible and more resistant to deformation than traditional asphalt coating: even when subjected to the constraints of traffic, it absorbs the ground deformation due to its high elasticity. It can thus be used as a thin coating (2-4 cm thick) and support light vehicular traffic - especially since it has a high resistance to hydrocarbons.

  • A high environmentally performing coating:

NaturaRoc is mixed low temperatures: the production method used is therefore low-energy. It is made locally in our concrete plant, i.e. local distribution. The latex, which forms the base of the NaturaDream binding adopted for these coatings is 100% organic, natural and harmless.

The implementation of NaturaRoc induces no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other pollutants, and materials used during the construction can simply be cleaned with water.

  • 30-40% cheaper than the concrete off:

By choosing local production lines, rapid implementation (increase in cohesion within 24 hours at 20 ° C) and at room temperature, you are also choosing a more economical solution: opt for a NaturaRoc coating, reduce your environmental impact while reducing your costs.


An Eco-material of choice, NaturaRoc permits the design of spaces achieving high environmental efficiency. It is suitable for any type of area, large or small, public spaces (squares, sidewalks, bike paths, etc.), courtyards, playgrounds or private patios, and of course around a NaturaSwim pool. 

This decorative coating can also be selected as part of the improvement of public spaces, environmentally sensitive areas (coastlines, nature reserves, national parks etc.), or for the restoration of sites of historical interest.

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