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2nd generation


2nd generation

of eco-buildings

Our 2nd generation of NaturaDome eco-buildings is a real living sculpture that opens up possibilities.

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Offering even more freedom

in your plans

Our arched houses are evolving to give you even more flexibility in terms of shapes and volumes:

  • the interior volumes can be adjusted as you wish
  • the number of facades is not limited  
  • the building can be adapted to small areas and small plots  


Smooth finishes

The 2nd generation of NaturaDome houses and buildings offers a very warm comfort thanks to the reconstituted stone finishes. The natural colours of the rock, the possible combination with wooden partitions, the organic shapes with curved lines create a cosy and soothing ensemble. 

Unlimited customisation

  • Thanks to the plasticity of the material we use, the interior vaults can be shaped to your wishes.  We can create niches, integrate LED lights in the "ceiling", and even "sculpt"  patterns of your choosing!

Two generations of buildings

to meet all needs

 NaturaDome 1ère générationNaturaDome 2e génération
Habitable surfaceFrom 60m²From 30m²
Maximum number of facades2unlimited
Minimum area of landFrom 900 m²From 400 m²
Interior finishesRecycled steel tiles visible from insideReconstituted stone imitating natural rock
Possibility of shaping the vault according to your wishes
Interior volumesA single section = a constant living spaceDifferent sections = several customised volumes (height, width and depth as desired)
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